Guest Announcement: Russell Payne
Hull Comic Con 2021

Bonus Arena, Hull City Centre

Sunday November 21st 2021 11am - 5pm

Guest Announcement: Russell Payne

Date Added: 22nd June 2017
Our next guest announcement is writer and author Russell Payne. 
Russell is the author of the BBC weblog and novel “Morris Telford’s Salopian Odyssey” & co-founder of Tiny Lapel Studios. His screenwriting credits include movies with Clint Eastwood and Happy Madison.
He is currently working on a Young Adult novel with Marvel/DC artist John Watson and is an ambassador for the Jack Kirby Museum.
Russell will also be doing a talk on screenwriting:
Are you interested in scriptwriting as a career? Have you ever wanted to write movies for the big screen? Ever wondered how on earth you get noticed by the major studios? We welcome author, screenwriter and script doctor Russell Payne to Hull Comic Con to give you the lowdown on how to break into Hollywood and then how to break out again alive.
Check out his website here: