HCC 2023 Guest: Mickey Lewis
Hull Comic Con 2023

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Princes Quay, Hull City Centre

Saturday 15th July 2023

HCC 2023 Guest: Mickey Lewis

Date Added: 3rd June 2023
Mickey Lewis started his Sci Fi career by writing original Doctor Who fiction for BBC Books, penning the 3rd Doctor novel ‘Rags’ and ‘Combat Rock’ for the Second. Little did he know that a few years later he’d be appearing in the show as some of its most iconic monsters!
Mickey has played Daleks and Cybermen in multiple stories, as well as Zombies, UNIT soldiers and doubled as the third Doctor in Day of the Doctor.
As if Time lord terrorising wasn’t enough for Mickey to get his teeth into, he’s also been having a go at Rebel Scum as Empire officers in Rouge One:A Star Wars Story and Episode 7: The Force Awakens. He switched sided for Episode 8:The Last Jedi as a Resistance Officer on Princess Leia’s cruiser.
Mickey has some great stories from the sets of these fan favourites as well as The Batman, Fantastic Beasts and Wonder Woman! Bring on the on set gossip and find out what goes into a blockbuster!